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Mobile Massage Resort Therapist

Aromatherapy, Remedial, Oriental & Couples Spa Massage Treatments

Enjoy quality time out to restore your peace and serenity in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Touch of Power celebrates 20 years of mobile massage in Montville, Flaxton, Mapleton, Maleny and surrounds.

Find out more about Angela's story as a contributing author in the best selling Heart to Heart series titled 'The Path to Wellness' it is now available with a synopsis. Click on Heart to Heart now.

An Holistic Massage Service dedicated to promoting health through a deeper connection that releases your innate healing resources. Pampering spa treatments for the body mind and soul. Why just relax when you can achieve so much more. Angela, a former nurse has a warm and relaxed approach to her craft. Her professionalism is evident as her intuitive and skillful touch allows you to leave all your worries and stresses behind. There's no need to rush, just let go, experience the Touch of Power with Natural Body Rituals...On your mobile phone? Book now 07 5445 7778.

Photo of Angela Power
Angela Power
Phone 07 5445 7778
"I am so sure that you will not only feel relaxed and calm following your massage I guarantee 100% that you will be over the moon with your whole experience."
What they're saying about Angela's massage:

"Just gets better....AWESOME!!"

"Angela has Magic Hands"

"Very relaxed... the massage was amazing...!!"

'Touch of Power' mobile massage services Natural Body Rituals combines the traditional wisdom of Oriental medicine with the gentle art of Aromatherapy to relieve stress and disorder in the body. Specific treatment courses offered for Frozen Shoulder and Wry Neck and Rotator Cuff & Achilles tendon Injury using Traditional Chinese Massage techniques. SCENAR treatments are also recommended for acute or chronic pain and injuries. Side by side, retreat and group bookings.

Choose Mobile to your accommodation by clicking the "Booknow" button below or you can follow us on Facebook. Click now.


Couples Massage Booking: Contact me direct or click above for special side by side couples packages currently being offered. Prices below are exclusively mobile.

dragon fly swedish-serenity-package
Single *Mini - 30 mins............$60
Single Deluxe- 60 mins...........$105
Single Supreme - 75 mins.............$125

A relaxation/remedial massage enhanced with essential oils to ensure a blissful experience. With advanced bodywork techniques for neck & back pain plus subtle cranial therapy you will notice profound relief as your mind and body moves from a state of disorder into a state of deep relaxation and balance. Also perfect for the ever popular Babymoon booking!

tranquil mind - tranquil body package

60 mins ....................... $105

This Oriental Remedial Massage is very unique and both calming to body and mind, focusing on energy pathways known as meridians. So subtle, yet powerful it is known as the 'martial arts' of massage. Ideal for profound physical, mental or emotional stress.

sacred body retreat

90mins ....................... $150

This Oriental Aromatherapy Massage is a composition where the far East meets the West. The rituals of attention and care for the body are an integral part of honouring the self. All your needs are met with reflexology foot massage to blend with a superbly relaxing yet rejuvenating massage. The inclusion of luxurious essential oils chosen for their energetic qualities coupled with acupressure deepens the harmony you deserve!

aphrodite package

60 mins ....................... $115

This combination of aromatherapy massage, mini facial exemplifies the feminine qualities of sensuality, feeling and creative intuition. Roman chamomile, rose, & geranium are brought together here to bring comfort and nurturing and relieve emotional stress. The finale for the face includes cleanse, aromatic compress, treatment serum massage.

Couples together Package.........Aphrodite + Deluxe Swedish Serenity...................................$220

essential shiatsu package

30 mins ....................... $70

The scalp is firstly warmed using hot towels. An invigorating massage using tsubo points and select essential oils with camellia oil to improve circulation and relieve built up tension in the head, neck, shoulders. A conditioning clay masque to the scalp with hot towels completes the tranquillising experience. Ideal for those overthinkers who stress and clench their jaw. Includes myofascial jaw release and cranial pulse balance. Deeply relaxing...

east by west package

2 hrs ....................... $195 per couple

The yin and yang of it! Choose one Tranquil Mind Tranquil Body and one Swedish Serenity massage to keep you both in perfect balance with Angela.

silken body ritual package

75 min ....................... $125

Now is the time to polish neglected dry skin! Achieve a healthy circulation, and soft glowing skin with the combination of walnut, artemisia and lavender body scrub. A cleansing rinse off following the scrub application and you will indeed notice the benefits of the massage that follows. The purifying oils magically reveal your silken skin beneath, whilst detoxifying the whole body. Remember to always drink lots of spring water and herbal cleansing teas afterwards.

the zen facial package