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AcuScen are a range of biofeedback medical devices incorporating first generation scenar technology. Suitable for personal treatment, they can be used for natural pain and stress relief therapy as well as for helping the body recover from a wide range of acute and chronic conditions. They are portable hand held battery operated devices that deliver non-invasive, non-toxic, computer modulated, therapeutic electrical stimulation which help the body's immune system to operate more efficiently. AcuScen initiates the body's natural healing processes by stimulating the neuropeptide generating C-fibres of the nervous system.

AcuScen Devices

The AcuScen range consists of 3 models, the AcuScen Pro+, AcuScen Premium and the AcuScen Auto. All models feature a solid ergonomic shockproof case, two electrodes (90 degrees to one another) with the back electrode slightly curved to allow work on the curves of the body, backlit screen, the use of AA rechargeable batteries and the ability to pre-program your favourite settings. AcuScen devices are well designed, comfortable to use, solidly built with quality electronics that offers reliability that will outlast cheaper devices by many many years.

AcuScen Pro+ - The AcuScen Pro+ is the award winning top of the range model. Designed for professionals and therapists, it is an excellent device featuring everything all true scenar devices have to offer plus more. This Pro+ model features five output working modes including Auto, Manual, Scan, Double Variable & Mio-Stimulation. The AcuScen Pro's SCAN Mode has diagnostic capabilities and automatic dosage calculation allowing an objective analysis of the condition which identifies the exact location where therapy is needed.

AcuScen Pro+ voted "Best Hand Held Device for 2008 & 2009"
The Energetic Medicine Research Annual Awards (EMR Awards) have voted the
AcuScen Pro+ the Best Hand Held Medical Device for 2008 & 2009!

AcuScen Premium - The AcuScen Premium is without doubt the best value scenar on the market, giving the greatest number of features and flexibility for its price. It is the semi-professional model of the range and is designed for both the home user and for the professional therapist that does not require the Pro+'s expanded features. The AcuScen Premium model is the same as the Pro+ model except it is not equipped with the Mio-Stimulation TENS Mode and Scan Mode functions.

AcuScen Auto - The AcuScen Auto is the home use device designed for drug free natural pain management that gives you back the control and quality of your life. It is extremely simple to use with fully automatic settings. Its unique bio-feedback feature automatically ensures delivery of the correct dose and it signals to you when to end the treatment.

Each AcuScen device comes with an elegant genuine leather case, a training DVD, Passport and operations manual as well as a comprehensive Practitioner Training Manual.

"AcuScen, in my opinion, belongs in the 'best buy' category. This device has been my favorite for the last 3 years." Dr. Irina Kossovskaia - "The Scenar Fair"

About AcuScen


AcuScen (Adaptive Compact Universal Self-Correcting Electro Neuro-Stimulator) begins its treatment as soon as it touches the skin. Upon contact with the skin it starts to generate electrical impulses which closely resemble the natural impulses of the neural cells within the body. The device continuously analyses the skin conductivity/resistance (impendence) between the central and peripheral electrodes and adapts its signal to the body’s response. This bio-feedback is what distinguishes the AcuScen from other electro-therapy devices such as TENS.

The body effectively controls the work of the device through changes in the impendence so no 2 pulses are the same. This prevents development of any tolerance to the influence. AcuScen weighs around 200gms and its ergonomic shape makes it comfortable to hold. It operates from 2 re-chargeable AA batteries and has 2 built-in electrodes.

The AcuScen Effect

AcuScen is a fantastic tool for treating acute pain or other disorders or symptoms of recent origin. Pain management is observed in acute cases. Chronic diseases, developing from internal causes are usually slower to respond and disappear gradually. The treatment of such conditions generally requires more skill from the user. The AcuScen aims to sedate, reinforce and harmonize while decreasing the local variations in the skin impendence which is in close correlation with the state of the relevant tissues and organs. The AcuScen signal stimulates the body’s own electrical currents, which in turn triggers chemical reactions at the cellular level. The AcuScen acts on body’s self-healing mechanisms and that is why it is so effective for a wide variety of disorders.

Preparing For Treatment

Before treatment the output energy is adjusted while placing the device on the skin. A tingling sensation should be felt clearly, but remain comfortable. It is possible to change the device output over a wide range. Besides the energy other signal parameters such as modulation, frequency, damping, and depth can be adjusted.


To calculate automatic Dose, the device is held stationary on a selected point upon the skin's surface. This is the simplest way of applying the AcuScen. Once the body stops reacting to the stimulus at that spot - the device signals the minimum “Dose” or the end of treatment . The device is then moved to an adjacent area until the next Dose signal and so on until all problem or painful areas are covered.

Subjective Mode

User may choose to override the automatic Dose calculation and to move the device over the skin's surface looking for other signs of the treatment progress. One of the signs to look out for is the 'stickiness' of the device to the skin in places where the problem area is. A 'magnetic' pull points to the area where treatment is needed. Once the area is identified it can be treated stationary in Auto mode (whereas user is waiting for the automatic Dose) or in “Double Var” mode – another highly effective mode which allows deep-tissue penetrating.

Objective Mode

The Scan mode available on professional model AcuScen Pro+ allows for the precise locating of the problem area and the monitoring of the treatment progress.

Handling of the Device

The handling of the device is very simple and the operating manual (DVD is also supplied) is often enough to get great results, especially for pain management treatment in acute cases. However in the hands of the experienced user AcuScen can be a very powerful tool indeed. It is used professionally by trained practitioners for of many conditions and aliments.

"Less than 3% of DNA's function involves protein manufacture; more than 90% of its functions are in the realm of bioacoustics and bioelectric signaling."
Dr Leonard Herowitz

The AcuScen leads to remarkable results in various conditions that affect the following systems:

Digestive Cardiovascular Respiratory
Urinary Musculoskeletal Reproductive
Stress Depression Endocrine Systems
Nervous System Disorders Immune System Nutritional & Metabolic Disorders

Some of the areas of application include:

Allergology Gastroenterology Psychiatry
Chiropractics Gynaecology Radiology/Oncology
Dental Care Internal Medicine Rehabilitative Therapies
Dermatology Naturopathy Sports Medicine
Emergency Medicine Othopodaedics Surgery
Family & General Practice Paediatrics Veterinary Medicine

"What is so astonishing is that this one treatment is so broad in its effectiveness, it can be used to treat a torn ligament or pulled tendon in one patient, heart and vascular problems in another, arthritic knees in a third, a burn in yet another, or to correct sleeplessness, appetite, behavioural problems, learning ability, memory, sexual dysfunction, and overall physical health in others. This device is a major advance in bioelectric medicine. It's like having a whole hospital in the palm of your hand." Lev G. Fedyniak MD.

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