As a life-long creative pursuit to her passion for natural therapies, Angela created The Garden Apothecary where you can find a breath of fresh air to uplift you as part of the wellness journey with aromatherapy products for those who have concerns with synthetic skincare products and wish to get back to nature itself. Life doesn't have to be one dimensional. There's always time to smell the roses. Enjoy the journey for life leads us where we need to be!

Aromatherapy is an alternative medicine that uses natural aromatic plant essences to promote health, wellbeing and vitality. These natural plant essences commonly known as essential oils are highly concentrated and are extracted from plants and trees known to exhibit exceptional therapeutic properties.

The Garden Apothecary offers a beautiful range of essential oils and aromatherapy natural organic skin care products for therapeutic use & personal care. They include bath & massage oils, facial skin care treatments, perfumes, face & body care, shower gels, mists, baby products & more. Natural skin care products have vegetable based ingredients with only the best quality essential oils. Impressive in both scope and quality, Essenza Pura's aromatherapy products are made in Australia from only the finest ingredients.

Angela is very particular about the products she uses and takes great care in choosing only the highest quality essential oils and natural skin care products for your wellbeing. So impressed by the quality & performance of Essenza Pura Aromatherapy, she became the Queensland Distributor.

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