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"I believe that a clear intention that comes from the heart yields a balancing effect and in the words of Lao Tzu",

'When I let go of what I am I become what I might be.'


With Touch of Power you can leave it all behind...

'Natural Body Rituals' embodies the traditional wisdom of Oriental medicine with the gentle art of Aromatherapy, designed to free your spirit from the physical, mental & emotional demands of everyday life. A variety of healing techniques are called upon as you are guided into a state of powerful calmness and harmony with intuitive therapists attuned to your inner healing.

Path: From a nursing career specialising in 'high dependency care’, and general medical for over 15 years followed by further experience in the international hotel spa industry, ‘Touch of Power’ creator, Angela Power celebrates 30 years of natural therapy experience.

During the mid 90’s the Sunshine Coast hinterland was quickly being discovered for its tranquil rainforest retreats and boutique B & B’s amid lush rainforest settings. Cabin development owners who could see that a professional in-house/mobile massage service was needed, and welcomed Touch of Power Massage in the northern hinterland from Maleny to Montville, Flaxton and Mapleton. That was 22 years ago and the business has now evolved to offer the ever popular 'romantic side by side' massage booking that couples have come to love and expect.

Passion:  As an intuitive Aromatherapist, Angela creates synergistic treatments with masterfully hand-blended essential oils for healing body, mind and spirit. She has been promoting and using Australian manufacturer of 30years, Essenza Pura's essential oils and aromatherapy personal care and skin care products for the past 15 years.

She now works alongside select professional massage therapists. The outcome is an alignment of expertise in the grounding of the perfect pampering including spa facials, clay scalp treatments, body and foot scrubs with intuitive feedback.

Skill: Angela is also able to attend to particular painful disorders including frozen shoulder, upper arm discomfort, wry neck, rotator-cuff injury and many other aches and pains that improve with specialised Oriental remedial massages that include acupressure, as well as Oriental aromatherapy relaxation massage and bodywork. Vibrational kinesiology is another tool blended into the massage among many employed to balance the vibrational energy of the body. The caring combination and uniqueness of her skills makes her sought after for chronic disorders and spiritual upliftment.

Transformation: Enjoy heightened sensory awareness and release of profound stress while you enjoy the sensual scent of beautifully blended pure essential oils. Benefit from learning simple health tips, yoga moves and relaxation strategies to improve your own health naturally. However short your hinterland retreat is, a massage is hard to beat for simply letting go of all your tension and internal chatter.

Stress is a killer; relaxation is your sanctuary!

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