Holographic Kinetics

Experience transformation........
'through the looking glass of time!'


What is Holographic Kinetics?


Holographic Kinetics is a unique and powerful transformational healing process which was born out of the knowledge of ancient ancestral healing from the Aboriginal 'Dreamtime' which recognises true 'LORE' or universal law found in Nature. We are multi-dimensional beings living in a multi-dimensional universe!

How does it work?

We all live in a Holographic Universe where our physical body is the holographic projection of our Spiritual self. When we are in perfect balance our Spirit is connected and we feel happy and content. However if we are not in control of our thoughts, words, deeds and actions then we are dis-empowered or in a state of disharmony which means our Spirit is not guiding and directing us.

It is a common misconception that the Soul is the same as the Spirit of a person. In fact the Soul is the programming and the Spirit is what animates us. We are connected to it when we feel inspired!

As all created causes have a created effect, by bypassing the Ego and connecting with your Spirit we can get to the root cause of each issue which may have been created or activated in this life time or it may have been created in previous lifetimes or passed down your ancestral line which can also be accessed during a session.

When your universal mind of creation goes back through to the cause of the effect of your creation the mind enters 'the looking glass' or dimensional window where time and space are not relevant and mind is all powerful and present and all is at one with the Universe. This is where the created imbalance is brought back to it's creation in order to get back to it's point zero and balance can take place.

How can it help?

Holographic Kinetics is a transformational process for those who recognise that they are experiencing physical and emotional stress and are looking for permanent drug-free solutions. Disorders such as depression, anxiety, grief, anger, guilt, shame, procrastination, abusive traumas from the past, that can also be reflected in acute and chronic health problems, pain or maladies; creations of resistance, repeating negative patterns,  feeling disconnected, stuck in time-ground-hog day; drug, food, and other addictions to name a few can be addressed.
















You can zoom into a fractal, and the patterns and shapes will continue repeating forever.. This is reminiscent of negative behaviour and feelings that keep us fragmented within trauma. We are experiencing repeating patterns within dimensions that trap this energy.... Curiouser and curiouser? 


With Holographic Kinetics energy is released within the dimension where trauma took place so that it becomes free flowing once again.

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