Swedish Serenity

A relaxation/remedial massage enhanced with essential oils to ensure a blissful experience. With advanced bodywork techniques for neck & back pain plus subtle cranial therapy you will notice profound relaxation and harmony. Also perfect for the ever popular Babymoon booking! Contact me if you are wanting to discuss a group booking not found on online menu.

Tranquil Mind-Tranquil Body

This Oriental Remedial Massage is very unique and both calming to body and mind, focusing on energy pathways known as meridians. So subtle, yet powerful it is known as the 'martial arts' of massage. Ideal for profound physical, mental or emotional stress.

Facial Rejuvenation

An holistic facial with meridian face massage, dry needling, cleanse, facial scrub, aromatic facial steam, French clay masque, tone, treatment oil massage and Venusian moisturiser. Transformative!

Cupid's Garden

Cleansing and rejuvenating, improving skin texture & circulation by enjoying an aromatic salt scrub to the back in preparation for a full body in-house Swedish massage including essential oils.

Sunset Surrender

A beautifully relaxing sunset massage and bodywork with an indulgent blend of essential oils to lull you into a deeper and more tranquil experience as you allow your body and mind to let go. Includes hot towels or hot packs for deeper relaxation!

Sacred Body Retreat

All your needs are met with warming foot soak, botanical scrub and reflexology foot massage to blend with a superbly relaxing yet rejuvenating massage.

Cleopatra's Secret

Indulge in the youthful and health giving properties of exquisite aromatic oils. A synergy of acupressure and aromatherapy beauty massage will send you to heaven and back! Complete with facial scrub, warm velvety aromatic compress and rose/ ylang ylang moisturiser.

The Revitalised Soul

This is the concept of reflexology that associates various parts of the body with the soles of your feet. Your therapist will discuss the findings of the treatment with you. You'll feel reawakened after your feet are soaked, scrubbed and massaged. Duration 45mins each. Cost $80 Recommended for groups (mobile booking) of up to 4 or combined with the Essential Shiatsu.

Essential Shiatsu

The scalp is firstly warmed using hot towels. An invigorating massage using tsubo points and select essential oils with camellia oil to improve circulation and relieve built up tension in the head, neck, shoulders. A conditioning clay masque to the scalp with hot towels completes the tranquillising experience.  Deeply relaxing...

Custom Remedial Treatment

Specific treatment courses offered for Frozen Shoulder and Wry Neck and Rotator Cuff, upper arm pain & Achilles tendon Injury using Traditional Chinese Massage techniques, joint release, myofascial release and SCENAR. Treatments are also recommended for acute or chronic pain and injuries. 'Facial Dry Needling Technique' also addresses emotional issues along with Vibrational Kinesiology and Flower Essence reading or Holographic Kinetics.

Request specialty treatment!

Couples will delight in the cleansing, rejuvenating quality the salt scrubs bring to improve skin texture & circulation in preparation for a Swedish massage including ess...
Cupid's Garden (couple)
1 hr 15 min
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